Lervig’s Rackhouse: Thought, Time and Patience

Our overarching mission at Lervig is to produce the best beers in the world, and we have always used this ethos to guide our brewing process. Whether we’re brewing beers with high levels of consistency and drinkability, styles we’re attempting for the first time, or polarizing extremes that are just too much of everything — we make every one of our products with the same amount of love, care and consideration that you’ve come to expect from Lervig. We like to make beers for everyone to appreciate, and we take this approach as far as our ability and creativity will allow us.

Rackhouse is another perspective in our brewing journey where we will focus on the influence of wood on our beers. Products on this side of the brewery will be fermented or aged in barrels, or foeders in an effort to explore both the obvious and subtle dimensions that these vessels can impart on beer. We will try to provoke your tastes, and challenge our own perception of beer as this project evolves.

We’ll accomplish this by experimenting with small releases of very special products that will be divided into two main categories: Dark series, and Norwegian cultures.

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Norwegian cultures

The Cultures series will focus mainly on mixed-fermentation sours and saisons, and local flora to explore what fermentation in wood is about. The addition of fruits, locally foraged plants, yeasts and bacteria that are indigenous to Norway are also part of our programme. These beers will reference our inspirations as brewers, and strive to create balance between the peculiarities of our cultures, barrel characteristics and attributes from ingredients. These beers will be alive, and continue to develop in the package so that the expression of flavours will transform over time. As our ideas and understanding expand, we hope that coolships, and larger oak tanks will be in our future here. By raising the bar of your expectations from Lervig, we hope to give you a unique experience that you can enjoy today and talk about tomorrow.


Dark series

The Dark series is an expansion of unique beers that we have been producing for almost a decade. It will feature stouts, Quadrupels and English-style barley wines that have spent time in a variety of barrels formerly used to age bourbon, rum, and maple syrup to name but a few. These rich, heavy beers will primarily be fermented in steel before being stowed away in carefully chosen barrels to allow them to fully express the flavour characteristics we wish to feature. As these beers approach maturity, we’ll discuss blending vintages and wood types, as well as adding ingredients to ensure the final product is as close to our vision as possible. Our experience in this area will help us keep one foot planted confidently in well-constructed products while allowing ourselves to step in new and exciting directions.


Our bourbon barrel-aged barley wine has long been our most sought-after beer, capturing the hearts of connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Its rich caramel notes, velvety texture, and robust depth were the very embodiment of our craft, and every year we look forward to its release with pride. 

In late 2021, we released Paragon 2020 which had spent 18 months in barrels and was every bit as special as its predecessors. However, months later we discovered that pediococcus had propagated throughout the entire batch. With heavy hearts but unwavering determination, we made the only choice a true craft brewery could make - to recall our masterpiece, explain what had happened, and vow to learn and become better as a result of the experience. We all felt the disappointment, yet we knew we did the right thing. 

However, in the spirit of never wasting a crisis, we chose not to discard the beer, but rather to see how it evolved over time. Thus, Paradox was born – a sour barrel-aged barley wine. Its an homage to the unexpected journey this brew had taken, and a celebration of 20 years of our dedication to beer. 

The complex flavours have further matured through time and while still every bit the bourbon-, vanilla-, coconut- and caramel-forward barley wine, the acidity from pediococcus has enhanced the fruit characteristics and reveal tart cherries and prunes. 

Paradox – a sour barrel-aged barley wine that reflects not just the artistry of our craft but the soul of our brewery. From Paragon to Paradox, we raise our glasses to 20 years of excellence, and to the adventures that lie ahead. Cheers! 

Do enjoy this: You must have a like  for mouth puckering sourness / sweetness together with all the barrel aged flavors of bourbon, char, leather, vanilla, coconut and the malty flavors of roast, chocolate and toffee. It’s a real ride 

IngredientsWater, barley malt, hops, yeast.
Packaging375 mL bottles
Best before5 years from filling date