Blue Plate Special

Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with vanilla 13.5%

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This beer is nostalgic but yummy. Growing up in the 80s in America I used to go to the local diners and get the blue plate special, in many cases it was a breakfast special. Pancakes, 2 bacon strips toast and coffee. Nothing beats that bacon when it mixed with the maple syrup on the plate… So we dedicate this Maple Bourbon barrel aged Breakfast stout to all the memories of the past and hopes that the great diners of yesterday reemerge in our lives again!

Serving: Snifter glass. 10°C


Ingredients Water, Barley Malt, Oats, Hops, Coffee, Natural flavors, yeast.
ABV 13.5%
Packaging 375 mL bottles
Best before 5 years from filling date

Blue plate special Brewsheet

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