Nitro Mango Passionfruit Sour Pale Ale Alc. 6.0% vol.


Smooth Talker is a 60/40% blend of mango and passionfruit that was added to a light, tart sour base turning it Fanta-orange in colour with flavours of freshly-sliced mango and subtle notes of passionfruit. A sour but well-integrated finish lends a refreshing roundness to the beer that is further smoothed out by the addition of Nitrogen in our new widget cans. The slowly dissipating, creamsicle-coloured waterfall that results after a vigorous pour into a clean glass is as beautiful as the tropical explosion of flavour contained within.

Ingredients water, barley, MANGO PUREE, PASSION FRUIT PUREE, OATS, LACTOSE, hops, yeast.
ABV 6.0%
Packaging 440cL in CANS (NITRO)
Best before 12 months

Smooth talker brewsheet

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