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Quality Assurance Coordinator (STAVANGER)

The primary responsibility of the Quality Assurance Coordinator is to ensure that products maintain a high level of quality. This role includes the laboratory function as well as establishing quality assurance systems in the brewery covering brewing, cellaring and packaging. The position is full time and will include weekends with flexibility for early mornings or late nights.


The quality assurance manager works across many areas in the brewery and builds a strong relationship with many other staff members. They perform an oversight role that ensures various staff members and departments are working in a way that maintains quality within the brewery. Their key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Work in laboratory to organize and perform analysis of products
    • They must ensure appropriate tests are performed and maintain laboratory database.
  • Maintain quality assurance guidelines
    • To help staff maintain strict quality control, guidelines must be created and regularly updated. They must be simple for staff to use and highly effective at maintaining quality.
  • Push the brewery to meet food quality standards from the receivership of raw materials through to the packaging of the final product.
    • The quality assurance manager will identify where quality is not of a sufficient standard and work with staff or suppliers to rectify it.
  • Ensure continuous improvement occurs
    • The brewery should always be driven to improve the quality of its products. The brewery quality manager will be one of the key players who ensures this occurs.
  • Assess product quality complaints
    • They must examine complaints about product quality to determine the cause of the quality issue.
  • Help organize sensory trials of products
    • The way a beer tastes and smells is the final testament to product quality. The quality assurance manager will organize sensory trials to help determine the quality of the final product.
  • Help organize complaint management
    • If the brewery has received subpar product from a raw materials supplier, packaging supplier or other supplier, the quality assurance manager must write, lodge and track the complaint.
  • They will be directly involved with many different staff, ensuring they have the skills necessary to create products of a high level of quality. The quality assurance manager will also evaluate how well staff perform these tasks
  • Manage the quality assurance budget


The quality assurance manager must have a strong background in brewing and a scientific degree in Microbiology, Chemistry or a related field.   A certification as Brew Master or a diploma/degree in Brewing Sciences is highly beneficial.

Work Experience

  • Experience controlling brewing processes and assessing beer quality.
  • Knowledge of food production and manufacturing principles
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a quality control or quality assurance role in the food and beverage industry


  • Very strong written and verbal communication
  • Strong attention to detail and drive to achieve continuous improvement
  • High level computer skills
  • Incredibly organized and able to design systematic approaches for quality improvement
  • Able to work to deadlines and to prioritize workload
  • Personable and able to get on well with staff who perform various roles in the brewery
  • An excellent team player

If you feel this is the position for you, please send your CV and application letter to tell us about yourself to david.graham@lervig.no