Barley Wine 2017

Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine

12.9 %
29 °P

Our Barley Wine is the most special beer we make, being produced only once every year. It’s a blend of different bourbon barrel-aged vintages that have spent at least one year in wood. We blend the different barrels, and add a bit of freshly brewed Barley Wine to obtain the best possible version.
This year, the Barley Wine was brewed using a double-boil technique in which we evaporate the beer to a high concentration of sugar, add water back to the wort, and then boil it down again to increase Maillard reaction processes and build up some intense caramelization. We went easy on the hops to allow the malt and bourbon characteristics inherited from the barrels to be the champions of this beer.
The aromas and flavours are intense, and should be enjoyed slowly by serving at room temperature to allow even more layered nuances to shine through and add to the beautiful complexity of this beer. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Food pairingsDark chocolate, blue/sharp cheeses.
MaltsMunich, Caramel, chocolate
HopsStyrian Goldings
AromaDried fruits (figs, prune, raisins), caramel, oak, bourbon, molasses, vanilla, coconut and more
Serve inSnifter.
Packaging33 cl bottle, 20 l KeyKeg
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