All together

Each sold can contributes 20 kr to our Norwegian hospitality customers


We are all affected by the current global situation. Whether it is the desire for socializing with friends over a good glass, or deep concern for your life’s work. We feel this every day, and like everyone else, we have great desires to help ease the burden. We have great respect for the culture and serving industry, and have great compassion for the challenges they face today.
Under normal circumstances, you would have brought people together for socializing and served our products to happy guests. We miss you and know that they suffer from the restrictions, without an immediate light in the tunnel.
So what can we as a brewery do to help our loyal customers while trying to keep our wheels rolling?
Our friends inOther Half Brewing Company, has started a worldwide campaign “All Together” that we are delighted to be joining. This is a chance where we can contribute what we do best – brew beer, and at the same time support all of you who have supported us.The concept is simple. All participating breweries in the world will brew the same beer made specifically to support the restaurant, nightlife and cultural industry.
We have adapted the All Together recipe to the Norwegian market with 4.7% alcohol, so it has the greatest opportunity for sales. For each box you buy, we will again donate 20 kr to our customers in Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Cafe and Culture life. The idea is to be able to provide some financial support so that you are always there when Norway opens up again.

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