Hop Dipped 10 PM Rainbow {LERVIG LOCAL}

IPA - International 5.5%


Hop Dipped 10 PM rainbow DDH IPA
In the summertime I was sitting on the deck at nightand I saw the 10PM rainbow! Refreshing and crisp night air in Norway which is still quite sunny makes me inspired to make this beer. We played with the idea of Hop dipping here, where we put a little hot wort into the fermentation tank with a massive load of Cryo loral, and Mosaic hops while we finished boiling the rest of the wort… we finished the boil with some whirlpool Nelson Sauvin hops and dry hopped it 2 more times with Solera hops. As hoppy as this is it has a gentle pleasing hoppy-ness and only 5,5% you can drink it all night!

ABV 5.5%
Packaging 30L KEYKEGS
Best before

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