Lager - Japanese Rice 5.5%


Awa is a dry crisp super crushable lager made with 40% rice, rice is fermenting very easily and leaves a crisp clean body in the beer. Like the Super Dry beers of Japan this version takes it a bit further west with the addition of some very special experimental hops from NZ called Hort9909 (so new thye dont even have a name) these hops give this beer a super floral and limey lemon zestyness. we liked them so much we even dry hopped a bit here.

This beer will quench your thirst and keep your tastebuds excited enough to go back for a few more.

Ingredients Water, malt, rice, hops, yeast.
ABV 5.5%
Packaging 20L KEYKEGS
Best before 16.05.21

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