No worries driving home for christmas

alcohol-free christmas ale alc. 0.5% vol.

Christmas is a terrible time to be out of control of your inhibitions so we want to offer you a special beer to enjoy your family get-togethers while keeping the peace. Driving Home for Christmas offers you all the malty, dark roasted, and spice notes of other Christmas beers – but with none of the alcohol! Now you can feel free to have a couple beers over at a member of the family’s place for Christmas dinner, and still drive the hell out of there once the political arguments start and your aunt begins awkwardly picking on your cousin for failings in life. Driving Home for Christmas: all of the Christmas flavour with none of the holiday drama!

Ingredients Water, barley, wheat, hops,cinnamon, yeast.
ABV 0.5%
Packaging 33 CL CANS
Best before 12 months


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