Staring at the sun

Nitro raspberry sour, Alc. 6.3% vol. collab with pohjala

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When our good friends from Põhjala came over from Tallinn to brew in mid-August, we warned them that they should pack for rainy, autumn weather. Upon their arrival in Stavanger there was a heat-wave on Norway’s West Coast and we had some of the nicest climate of year. This meant long days camping, swimming and enjoying the Norwegian wilderness all without the modern convenience of sunglasses. In this spirit, we crafted Staring at the Sun – a sour beer using a metric ton of raspberry juice with a touch of vanilla and a hint of tonka beans to bring out sweet notes of raspberry crisp with nuts and cinnamon. We then packaged it into Nitro cans to give a silky smooth body with pillowy, cascading foam for the Nitro version. We also made a carbonated version in kegs to bring out the sour and fruity notes. Whether it’s carbonated or nitrogenated, this gorgeous, delicious beer is a must-try.

IngredientsWater, raspberry puree, barley malt, oats, hops, lactose, tonka beans, yeast.
Packaging440cL in CANS (NITRO)
Best before24 months

Staring at the sun brewsheet

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