Modern, flavourful, alcohol-free IPAs

Alcohol-free beer has come a long way from the watered-down lagers trying to pass as beer. No Worries is a series of refreshing, colourful, and tasty alcohol-free IPAs brewed in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway – and served all over the world!

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No Worries, craft beer takes on the alcohol-free world

A No Worries for everyone

The No Worries series is a constantly developing project. Every time we brew a new batch, we want to create the best flavours possible. The series today consists of an IPA, flavored varieties with mango, grapefruit, and pineapple as well as a seasonal version called “Driving home for Christmas”.

No Worries

Why No Worries?


Since No Worries is brewed the same way as our other IPAs, it doesn’t sell-out on flavour. No Worries holds up against any of our beers, so you won’t feel like you’re compromising on taste when you choose to go for our non-alcoholic options. And with all the great flavours you can be sure that you’ve got a beer to match your tastes.

No/Low trend

Recently, people of all ages are turning towards non-alcoholic/low alcohol products. As people increasingly look for healthy options, no/low beers and refreshments will only increase in popularity and quality. And at only 22 Calories/100mL, it’s not going to weigh you down.

Workout drink?

A lot of athletes/sportspeople have found a new method for refueling after physical activity – alcohol-free beer! We were pleasantly surprised to get detailed feedback saying that No Worries works as a sports drink and as a reward after a marathon, CrossFit session or a jog!

No Worries!

There are countless reasons why you might want to enjoy drinking beer without having the effects of alcohol. Designated driver? Lunch meeting? Dry January? No Worries is a beer that delivers on quality and flavour but doesn’t contain alcohol!