At all times we have different selection Lervig beers and other craft breweries. The taps and selection will change over time, so if you find a favorite check it in on untappd and follow the menu there.

Tirsdag – Lørdag 10:00 – 16:00
Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 16:00

Overnight Oats: 45kr

– Havregryn, chiafrø, kokosmelk og vanilje. Ekstra: – Granola, Rørte bær, sukker, kanel og honning.

ENG: Over-night oats with chiaseeds, coconutmilk and spices.

Additions: Granola, stirred berries, sugar, cinnamon and honey

Allergen: Havre og sulfitt

LL Salad: 135kr

– Crispisalat, stekt jordskokk, gulbeter, syltet rødløk, hvitløksmayo, rugchips, kjørvel.

ENG: Crispi- or heartsalad with baked jerusalem artichokes, yellow beets, pickled red onion, garlic mayo, ryebread chips and herbs.

Allergen:Hvete, egg, sennep, sulfitt og rug

LL Breakfast: 149kr

– Egg, bacon, hjertesalat, brød, smør, chilimayo, potetchips og kjørvel.

ENG: Pan-fried eggs and heartsalad, bacon from Idsøe, bread of choice, butter, chilimayo, potatochips and herbs.

Allergen: Hvete, egg, melk, sennep og sulfitt

Grilled Cheese: 145kr

– Brød, stavangerskinke, vellagret Norvegia, piccillios, syltet rødløk, chilimayo og karse.

ENG: Pan-fried foccachia with “Stavanger-ham”, 5 year aged Norvegia cheese, grilled paprika, pickled red onion, chilimayo and herbs.

allergen: Hvete, egg, melk, sennep og sulfitt

Easy: 59kr

– Brød, egg, smør, syltet rødløk og urter. Ekstra: Avokado, vellagret Norvegia, Aprikosmarmelade.

ENG: Rybread/Foccachia with boiled eggs, pickled red onion and butter. Choose additions below.

Additions: Avocado, 5year-aged Norvegia cheese, apricot-marmelade

Allergen: Hvete, egg, melk og sulfitt

Waffles: 25kr

– Vaffelrøre og smør. Ekstra: Bacon-mayo, rørte bær, smør og sukker.

ENG: Homemade waffles for 25kr per waffle. Choose additions under.

Additions: bacon mayo, stirred berries, butter and sugar

Allergen: Hvete, egg og melk.

Tirsdag – Lørdag 16:00 – 20:00

Hovedrett / Main course

 Risotto med kylling – 215,-

– NO: Risotto med parmesan, aromasopp, erter og kylling. Toppes med sprøløk og steinsopppulver. ENG: Risotto with parmesan, mushrooms, peas and chicken. Topped with crispy onions and stone-mushroom powder.
Allergener: Melk, sulfitt

 Risotto Vegetar 179,-

– NO: Risotto med parmesan, erter, steinsopppulver og søtpotetchips. ENG: Vegetarian risotto with parmesan, peasa, stone-mushroom powder and sweet potato chips.
Allergener: Melk, sulfitt

Dirty Fries :

Basic: 149,-

NO: Hjemmelagde fries, hvitløksmayo, sylteagurk, syltet rødløk, vårløk og dansk karse.
EN: Homemade french fries, garlic mayonnaise, pickles, pickled red onions, and chervil.

Allergener: hvete, egg, sennep, sulfitt.
Allergens: wheat, eggs, mustard, sulfite.

Hot’n’ spicy: 149,-

NO: Hjemmelagde fries, srirachamayo, jalapenos, syltet rødløk og karse..
EN: Homemade french fries, sriracha mayonnaise, jalapenos, pickled red onion and cress.

Allergener: hvete, egg, sennep, sulfitt.
Allergens: wheat, eggs, mustard, sulfite.

Asian Fusion: 149,-

NO: Hjemmelagde fries, asian mayo, syltet rødløk, vårløk og koriander.
EN: Homemade fries, lime, garlic and chili mayonnaise, pickled red onion, spring onion, coriander.

Allergener: hvete, egg, sennep, sulfitt.
Allergens: wheat, eggs, mustard, sulfite.

Buffalowings: 139,-

NO: Kyllingvinger vendt i buffalo-smør.
EN: Fried Buffalowings marinated in chipotle butter, topped with spring onions.

Allergener: hvete, melk, sulfitt.
Allergens: wheat, milk, sulfite.

– tillegsvalg med Stavanger Ysteri Fønix bluecheese dressing på topp. 25,-

– Stavanger Ysteri Fønix bluecheese dressing on top. 25, –

Allergener: melk, sulfitt.
Allergens: milk, sulfite.

Barnemeny / Kids menu
Barnemeny – French Fries 69 ,-

Pommes frites med ketchup – barneporsjon. Serveres med ketchup.

Allergener: Gluten, Selleri, Sulfitt.
Allergens: Gluten, Celery, Sulfite.


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