I got pils, now what?

Double dry-hopped pilsner collab. with Cloudwater (UK)

5.7 %
12.7 °P

When Paul came to visit we naturally
went to the bar, where he drank one
of our pilsners, which led him to ask
if we could brew up a collab pilsner
in addition to the IPA we already
intended to brew together… so of
course we agreed. We love a great
pilsner and feel that pilsner is too
often demonized in the craft beer
community, so this would be the best
way to showcase what pilsner can
deliver. Light and easy, yet hopped
with European only varietals, we went
through the choices we have in the hop
fridge and found a few that would be
perfect. We took the fruity, citrus
character of Mandarina Bavaria and
the peachy passion fruit notes of
Grüngeist, and punched it UP with
floral, lemony Perle hops. Then, for
good measure, we did it twice again
in the dry hopping.

Food pairingsTaco, Indian food and burgers
MaltsPilsner, munich
HopsPerle, Mandarina Bavaria, Grungeist
Aromahoppy, fl oral, fruity with a touch sulfur
Serve in
Packaging50 cl can, 20 l KeyKeg
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