Christmas Shake

IPA with mango, passion fruit and vanilla

5.9 %
13.9 °P

Ahh Christmas time is coming… but
we are getting tired of all those caramel
bombs made for the season. So,
we decided this year to play it differently
and make something a bit out of
the ordinary, and we made a milkshake
IPA, hopped with citra and simcoe
added a good amount of lactose, vanilla,
passion fruit & mango. Yeah we
know its not a “real “ Christmas time
beer. But honestly everytime we make
a caramel spiced ale its pissing us off,
hopefully you will feel the same as we
do. Merry Christmas!

Food pairingsDuck breast with passion fruit
sauce and new potatoes, chocolate
profiteroles, and
banana on crispy fried chicken skin
MaltsGolden promise, oats
HopsSimcoe, citra, yellow sub
AromaPassion fruit, mango, hops
Serve in
Packaging33 cl bottle, 30 l KeyKeg
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