Big Ass Money Stout 2

Imperial stout w. pizza and money, collab with Evil Twin (US)

16 %
37.5 °P

When our friend Jeppe from Evil Twin asked us to brew a collab we didn’t waste time being serious about the concept, we all agreed that a big ass stout was the beer, but we need to take it a bit further. What does Norway have in abundance? And what was the local delicacy for Norwegians? ...
... Money and frozen pizza. We made a huge stout, and threw in pizza and money - making the biggest craziest beer that’s not only a great gimmick but a great beer for those who can’t get enough.

Food pairingsCohiba Behike cigars, Iranian Beluga caviar, Kobe beef, and Grandiosa microwaveable pizzas
MaltsPilsner, roasted, chocolate
HopsPerle, Cascade
AromaIntense roasty, creosote, caramel
Serve in
Packaging33 cl bottle, 20 l KeyKeg
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